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Customer Testimonials

John M

You cannot go wrong with CytoMELT, Fallen BCAA, IED Detonate and War Machine to demolish your goals. These products hold NO Punches! Easily the BEST tasting supplements out there too! Simply put, These products are straight FIRE!!! Well done Explicit!

Holi D

Shout out to Explicit Labz for making sure I'm right and keeping the gym bag loaded with my thermogenics for those tough areas, Fallen BCAA for recovery and War Machine Pre-workout for keeping me going. Check em out if you're looking for some supps people!

Paul T

Explicit Labz War Machine pre-workout and IED Detonate vasodilator are the ultimate combination to get the most out of your workout. The stamina and pump that these two supplements provide me is unparalleled! 

Butch M

Sooo Happy with purchasing CytoMELT from you guys! My customers love this product! Can't thank you fellas enough! 

Katie S

Yes, War Machine is great for the ladies too! I absolutely love it and I cannot train without it. Taste is on point and I'm not too amped up or jittery. Well done boys! :)