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OX- Omnadex | 60 Capsules



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Genetics play a crucial role when it comes to the body's performance. There are certain factors that limit the ability of performance from stamina and endurance to muscle fatigue and limited growth. One key factor in limiting these abilities is known as myostatin, a protein produced and released by myocytes in the body that act on muscle cells to inhibit growth. Unfortunately, this means putting a barrier on muscle growth while some individuals released more and some less affecting everyone's growth rate differently, Omnadex's formula utilizes a key ingredient known as epicatechin, a flavanol and Powerful antioxidant found in plants such as green tea and cocoa that is thought to help inhibit myostatin. Omnadex brings together a synergistic combination to supercharge your body's own abilities.

-Helps inhibit myostatin

-Increased vasodilation

-Increased endurance

-Support lean mass and strength

-Promotes rapid recovery

-Anabolic antioxidant

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule two times daily for optimal results. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24 hour period and do not use for more than 8 weeks without a four-week break between Cycles.

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